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PostSubject: PLANETM2 RULES   Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:33 pm

NOTICE: The Moderators/Administrators of this forum take no responsibility or liability for anything that happens as a result of reading and/or downloading anything from this forum

General Rules:
1 - If you are attaching torrent please make it a zip file and attach to your post
2 - Please speak English; ( You can speak other languages also but keep that thing little less )
3 - If there is a problem with a post or topic report it to moderators stating which post has the problem and what the problem is.
4 - Always use the code button to Code your links
No live links allowed anywhere in your signature, avatar, topic or post.
5 - No religious Posts/Discussions, racial insults, baiting or flaming administrators, moderators or other members of the forum.
6 - No double Posts, bad Links or SPAM allowed. Spamming the board to get your posts/points is not acceptable
7 - Don't post everything ALL IN CAPS. This is considered shouting and is unacceptable.
8 - Post in the Correct Section!
9 - No posting links to other forums, No advertising or No Posting Self-Gain links.
10 - Do not post or Request anything related to hacking etc on the open forum.
11 - Do not post or Request anything related to the making or buying of drugs, Anarchist or Terrorist material
12 - Do not try to exchange, offer to trade or sell links on this forum, we share our links freely with the other members of this community.
13 - Do not make a new thread if your first thread was not answered or bump topics / posts.
14- Only 1 request per post per day, Vip's 2 requests per day
15- Movies with .Rar Files are not allowed.

- It's size cannot be greater than 100x100 pixels ( height x width )
- It's content cannot be offensive in any way


No Live links in signatures
-Number of lines(text) 12
-Number of characters per line 100
-Maximum size of image (size & dimension) 250kb X 500 Pixels X 300 Pixels
- Images placed in the signature cannot be offensive in any way
-Image can be used in the signature ONCE only
- Advertising warez-related forums in the signature is strongly prohibited ( will resolve in the signature deletion. )
- Danasoft signatures are not allowed!
- Sig or avatar links to or !!! are not allowed

Please read the rules properly, this will stop confusion at a later time.
We hold the right to change the rules at any time without notice
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